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Early Information

Documentation electronically before cargo handling commences means better planning, shorter response times, accuracy in container movements, and, in the end, satisfied customers as they will experience shorter turnaround time at your terminal.

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Container Handling

We understand container movements is your livelihood.  Utilising our graphical yard, planning and modern on-the-go tools, our TOS brings efficiency and increased ROI for each container moved.

Value feature

Optimised gate flow

Make your terminal a preferred destination for hauliers by cutting gate queues and reducing turnaround time. Our system pre-processes cargo and vehicles with seamless data transmission to your TOS.

Value feature

No more hanging around

300% is the proven reduction in waiting time for trucks at a gate using our terminal-management solution.


We are working on even more great functionality, including identifying the optimal slot to dock a vessel, how to optimise your docking procedure and where truckers should unload their containers. Knowing these parameters ahead of time will limit bottlenecks and boost your terminal output.

Built for scalability

Small, medium, large or extra-large? We can tailor our system to suit your terminal no matter how many containers you move in a day, a week or a month.

“With 5 terminals and 40% of the national container volume, Greencarrier needed an innovative TOS supplier who could be our future technology partner for growth. Grieg Connect delivers on that promise.”

– Greencarrier

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