Secure port facility

We ensure zero unauthorised personell at your facility by giving you the tools for pre-registering and documenting visitors. We’ll also give you a mobile application for ISPS controls. All in a modern package to manage freight security according to the ISPS code.

Effortless visitor flow

Do you spend a lot of time on visitor approvals and last-minute requests with the gate queue stockpiling?  Increase your productivity and facilitate faster response to customer needs with Kraken Security for your gate management

Reduced administration

All compliance functionality integrates with Terminal and Port for process automation and self service. In addition, digital entry passes reduce the workload making your security management easier


Quality, not quantity

Small, medium, large or extra-large? We can set our Kraken Security system to match your traffic volume and scope, so size isn’t an issue. We offer flexibility and scalability; just pick what you need.

Total control

Kraken Security integrates data transmission from your access control systems while sending data to Port for invoicing and statistics sharing. In addition, all compliance functionality works seamlessly with Terminal, as an add-on to cargo registration.

Modular functions in a lean package for your security management.

“At the Port of Karmsund we have successfully digitized and streamlined our administrative work, not only internally in our organisation but also for our clients and visitors to the port facility.

Our Grieg Connect security solution gathers information in one place for everyone who needs it, and simplifies our tasks related to follow-up, controls and documentation.”

– Port of Karmsund

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