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Use our data services to strengthen your own platforms and boost value for end-users. Simply plug in to start delivering exceptional customer value.

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Accessible via APIs

Everything is documented through cutting-edge interfaces making the exchange of information as easy as possible.

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Real-time AI-based data

Our solution bundles together external information sources like weather data, AIS data and single windows with machine learning into a robust back-end.  It’s never been this easy!

Estimated time of arrival

ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival

Estimates of vessel arrival time are typically provided manually by a shipping agent or the ship’s crew using public registration portals. The information is rarely updated and is often incomplete. To crack this problem, we’ve developed a smart solution that reliably calculates the ETA of ships from near and far in real time.​

​Our machine-learning algorithms analyse several years of vessel traffic to produce data that in conjunction with live vessel position, course and speed data automatically calculates ETA for port calls.

Route matching and deviation detection

The destination of a ship is not always certain. Conditions may change and a new destination port chosen. Our model uses AI to predict the probability of a ship arriving at a given port, the likely route it will take and when it will arrive.​

Prediction of deviations centres on the basic question: is the movement pattern of the vessel unknown, and how much is it deviating from known patterns? Our solution uses machine-learning algorithms and route patterns to reliably predict deviations from historical routes in real time.

Powered groundings

Cargoships and cruiseships running aground account for 20% of all maritime accidents. Reducing the number of groundings obviously brings significant environmental, health and safety benefits. Because our machine-learning algorithms can pinpoint deviations to known sailing patterns, we can also detect and raise the alarm over potential groundings in real time.​

Tests show that we can predict 75% of groundings far enough in advance for accidents to be averted.

The key factor is when and where the ship will strike ground. Our software automatically generates a geometric sector ahead of a ship that displays deviating movement. Time to impact is then calculated based on speed, direction and distance to the nearest point of impact.


“Port of Gävle has en ambition to develop a world class port call system via our Port Activity Application. Grieg Connect has provided reliable ETA and timestamp data helping us towards that goal”

– Port of Gävle

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