Value feature - Quay planner

Quay Planning

Captains and ship owners will love your new quay booking tool. They will experience excellent customer service, and you have real-time control and overview – as you enjoy your morning coffee. Improved planning and communication will also grow your business.

Value feature ETA & ETD

Faster turnaround

You will know exactly when vessels arrive with movements automatically registered by the minute. With a user-friendly mobile app, our new tools cover all your services. Boost vessel turnaround efficiency and get rid of yellow notes for revenue registration!

Value feature - ETA

Invoice on departure

Instant invoicing for your customers! We will get you up and running. Key information will be available, and invoicing is triggered on vessel departure. The powerful pricing engine will do fast and automatic price calculations. Remember – services are registered at the time of delivery.

Capture all traffic

Capture 100% of traffic in your port and ensure all your revenue is accounted for. Let our intelligent ETA and geofencing software do the routine stuff while you focus on the deviations. Use our powerful KPI dashboard and statistics for data drill down and Improved decision making!

AIS Messages

11bn & 1.2mn

That’s the amount of AIS messages and port calls our software handles on behalf of customers every year.

Scalable Services

Modular and flexible

Small, medium, large or extra-large? Size doesn’t matter. We can tailor our port management systems to suit your port, whatever your size or scope.

Product features

At short intervals without any downtime, we provide new features to ensure that Port, your cloud based Port Management Information System, remains state of the art.

“With a varied, complex business in cruise, ferry traffic, containers, offshore and bulk / general cargo, the port of Kristiansand needs a skilled solution provider to keep daily operations running. Grieg Connect is that reliable company delivering good, future-oriented solutions for us.

Their Port management system integrated with Maritime Single Window & AIS gives 100% overview of all calls. In addition, Grieg Connect has developed Apps and Connectors to gain control of deliveries of goods / services and goods unloading / loading. The statistics module, Insight, is also a very good management tool for strategy work, budget work and price structure. “

– Port of Kristiansand

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