From all of us to all of you. It is my pleasure to send you the first newsletter from the Grieg Connect team, sharing our whereabouts, the people behind the products and the newest digital initiatives. I trust you will find this an informative and easy read. There is, however, an opt-out button below that you are free to use if you feel our pen is no longer sharp enough.

In a world where the only constant is change, we aim to be a software partner you can rely on to push you forward. Two years after the merge of three companies, we are celebrating the fusion of our solid products – Shiplog, Portwin & CTS – into one product portfolio named Kraken Tools.

You will find increased functionality in our Port-, Terminal- and AIS solutions, and also discover new products in the suite such as Predict and Security. My promise to you is that with Kraken Tools you will see a gradual merge towards one comprehensive solution. We will keep full steam ahead, we will push for new standards for efficient operations and sustainability for our users.

I am excited for the continuation and hope you will tag along for the journey